Increase image size limit of 1000px


Does anyone know how to increase the image file upload limit of 1000px in size? I have already increased the file size limit to greater than 300kb, but I'm not sure how to increase the actual physical dimension limit of the image. I've searched by haven't found an answer.

Oh, and my version of OpenCart is 1.5.1.



Oddly enough there's no actual limit on dimensions despite what the error says (just tested a 1200x1200 image upload successfully). Only file size is limited.

Had me baffled for 20 seconds too until I realised there was no dimension limit, I upload a vQmod for this in the Free Contr. section

Thanks guys. I must still have some file size restriction somewhere, so I'll double check that.

Is the error actually coming from filemanager?

yeh, its coming up with "Image file size too big. It must be under 300kb or smaller than 1000px x 1000px" (or something like that).

I modified the admin\controller\common\filemanager.php file to allow for larger file sizes:

Code: Select all
if ($this->request->files['image']['size'] > 1000000) {
               $json['error'] = $this->language->get('error_file_size');

I haven't checked the php.ini file yet so that could be it.

That's strange. The only thing that trips that error is file size. Did you double-check the image is under 976KB?

*slaps head*

Apologies! I was reading it as closer to 10MB, I miscounted the number of zeros! I haven't tested this, but I'm sure changing it to a larger number will work.

Thanks for your help! Sorry for wasting your time.

No worries. Everybody has those facepalm moments.

i get this too with a 500kb file, looking into fix mentioned above

ok so in my Version its line 436:

Code: Select all
            if ($this->request->files['image']['size'] > 300000) {
               $json['error'] = $this->language->get('error_file_size');

i made it ~1Mb 1000000

It is very dumb to hardcode this value. It should actually be a setting in the admin area somewhere (perhaps in Store Settings > Image)

Hehe, maintainers can be really lazy sometimes



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